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Comprehensive education consultancy
Kokonaisvaltaista koulutuskonsultointia

KOKO 100 is a one person Finnish education consultancy offering services in Finnish and in English.

KOKO 100 focuses on comprehensive educational consultancy.

My specialisation areas are Finnish education and global education.

Scroll down and take a look at my website. Let's plan together consultancy and training sessions to suit your needs!

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KOKO 100 services

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Workshops and
1-on-1 tutoring

Do you need help in the staff's professional development or something else related to education, teaching or learning? Contact me to find out what kind of customised face-to-face consultancy and training sessions I can offer to you.


Online counseling

Do you need help in analysing and defining your educational challenges and needs? I am an experienced and extremely resourceful professional for the job. Contact me to find out how I can help you with your needs definition.

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Education counseling

Do you feel your educational project requires additional professional attention? Do you need help in your school's strategic planning or curriculum design? Contact me to discover how I can be of help.

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Talks and presentations

Do you want to know more about the Finnish education model? Do you have a particular area in mind you would like to know more about? Contact me and let's plan the contents and set a date and time for a presentation.

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About my education philosophy

I'm a dedicated educator and promoter of lifelong learning. For the past more than 20 years, I have worked in varied multi-cultural environments with different social, political and historical contexts in Finland, in Thailand and in Turkey.

I have a Ph.D. in Education from University of Oulu, Finland. I also hold a M.A. in Education and Globalisation and in Class Teacher Education from the same university.

My PhD research focused on global education. In my dissertation, I define global education as an education philosophy, which is based on the principle of human dignity and which recognises the pluralistic and contextual nature of knowledge. 

I perceive learning as a contextual social process and knowledge as socially constructed by individuals through transactional processes in a context, i.e. in their lived social reality. Knowledges vary and change over time as the knowledge created in transactional processes affects the consecutive transactional processes, which leads to the idea that learning actually does not really include an end but it is a continuous, holistic, lifelong and life-wide process.

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2018. "Finnish education pedagogy - teaching, learning, and knowledge". Fidol okulları, Istanbul, Turkey.

2017. “Improving Education” in Dost Kolej, Ankara, Turkey.

2011. “Differentiation of instruction” in AIT International School, Pathumthani, Thailand.


2010. “School self-evaluation” in AIT International School, Pathumthani, Thailand.

2009. “Strategic planning” in AIT International School, Pathumthani, Thailand.

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Public talks and presentations

2019 and 2018. Lecturer for Master's degree students as part of their Global education and development course in University of Oulu, Finland. Topic: "Global education as part of Finnish basic education." My PP presentation can be accessed HERE.

2017. Presentation "Education in the Finnish context" in Çankaya University, Turkey. My PP presentation can be accessed HERE.

2017. Education discussion panelist: Finland’s 100th independence anniversary event “The Education System of Finland – The Country of White Lilies – Past, Present and Future” in Ankara, Turkey. Organised by the Embassy of Finland (Ankara) and Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey.

2017. Keynote speaker: Ege Çağdaş Eğitim Vakfı (EÇEV) “Eğitimde Finlandiya modeli” (Finland’s model in education) conference in Izmir, Turkey.

2009. Lecture: “Intercultural management, Thailand” in Business Focus ASEA Conference, Bangkok, Thailand. Organised by Krems University of Applied Sciences (Austria).



2019. Book review on Bourn, Douglas  Understanding global skills for 21st century professions. 2018. Palgrave Macmillan. Kasvatus 50 (5) Global Education Theme Number 526-528.

2015. Research publication: “A moral responsibility or an extra burden? A study on global education as part of Finnish basic education”. Acta Universitatis Ouluensis E 154. 

2015. Opinion column: "Reforming curricula requires sound judgement". Bangkok Post. 

2012. Academic article: “Investigating the use of communities of practice to implement global education in Finnish basic education”. International Journal of Development Education and Global Learning 4 (2) 23-43. Special issue: The Practice of Non-Governmental Organisations in Development Education.

2009. Academic article: “Some Perspectives on global education in Finnish basic education”. Journal of Research in International Education 8 (3) 262–282.

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School-related positions

August 2009 – December 2011

Head/Principal of AIT International School.

Pathumthani, Thailand. 

August 2005 – July 2006

Teacher in a Finnish public school with implemented IB Primary and Middle Years Programme (PYP and MYP). 

Oulu, Finland.

August 2002 - July 2005

Finnish Language teacher for IB MYP and IB Diploma Programme students in NIST International School. 

Bangkok, Thailand. 

September 1998 – June 2004

Teacher/Principal in Finnish School of Bangkok, Thailand.

August 1989 – November 1996

Teacher in Finnish public schools in Finland. Teaching various grades and subjects, full time and part time positions.

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Education consulting

February 2018

Observation and consultancy regarding Finnish curriculum based education practices in Fidol okulları.

Istanbul, Turkey.

November 2014 – December 2015

As a Team Finland member, several education-related sessions to intensify cooperation between Finnish and Thai players in the field of education. Bangkok, Thailand. 

January 2015 – March 2015

Curriculum drafting for a new International Finnish Curriculum School to be submitted to Thailand's Ministry of Education. Bangkok, Thailand. 

September 2012 – October 2012

Mentor for the principal of Meechai Viravaidya Foundation Patana School. Pattaya, Thailand.


Education related interviews

2018. Ministry of National Education in Turkey. Ebabil e-magazine 1/2018 (in Turkish). For those who don't understand Turkish, please click here for my answers in English.

2017. Private education publication Eğitimci röportacı (in Turkish)


"The school has been very fortunate that Kaisa was willing and able to develop the MYP Finnish A course. She is an intelligent, resourceful and extremely hardworking individual who has contributed an enormous amount to both the Languages department and the school."

Mr. Malcolm Nicolson, NIST MYP Coordinator

"Mrs. Kaisa as School Principal organized many in-school workshops like Strategic Planning, Data Driven Instruction, Differentiation, and Emergency First Aid and Fire Safety Training. All workshops were very well planned and very useful for staff in helping them develop school values, mission, and goals and training them on how to link them with a set of coherent strategies and tasks designed to achieve those goals; helping them develop tailoring instruction to meet individual needs which eventually helped school improve overall student learning; and training them to respond quickly, calmly, and safely in emergencies."

Dr. Farzana Asim, AITIS G6 Class Teacher

"Dr. Anna-Kaisa Pudas has attended to the annual education seminar organized by EÇEV (Aegean Contemporary Education Foundation) as the keynote speaker.  Deriving from her comprehensive experience both on academic and practical levels, she has made invaluable contribution to the success of our event addressed to key stakeholders of education in İzmir, comprising teachers, school managers, parents and experts in the area. Her elaborations  made it possible for  our audience, to fully comprehend the environment surrounding Finnish Education System  and the components underlying its globally recognized success. For us, it was a great pleasure to host her in İzmir, and a unique opportunity to benefit from her unmatched expertise."

Şule Keskiner, Genel Sekreter, Ege Çağdaş Eğitim Vakfı

"Dr Anna-Kaisa Pudas is a professional you can always count on... Her main expertise in in Finnish education system together with global education, but she also has many-sided experience about working and living in different countries, which means that she has several perspectives to educational systems and pedagogical practices... her various practical experiences and scientific knowledge have given her excellent competences to work as a consultant and educator in the educational field in various contexts." Full reference here

Rauni Räsänen, Emerita professor of education, University of Oulu

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Interested in getting advice from an experienced and professional educational consultant? Simply send me a message and see what I can do for you.

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